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GRC is an excellent new building decoration material, rich in color, fully display the feeling of building smooth and elegant, suitable for new residential, villas, indoor, old building renovation, decoration and other projects eaves, side, box, column and other supporting decoration projects. Architects can boldly play their design ideas, display architectural style. The building decorative component refers to the building decoration component made of glass fiber reinforced concrete, which can be used for the decoration inside and outside the building. EPS materials: the most external layer of protection for the color of a thin layer of polymer cement mortar, which is used as reinforcement material of alkali resistant glass fiber mesh cloth, filling the inside is similar to “ &rdquo high strength plain white rice foam; flame retardant polystyrene board. If it is not subjected to external force, the service life can last for several decades. Bearing capacity, impact resistance is weak. GRC: materials with cement mortar as the main material, mixed with a certain proportion of the alkali glass fiber as reinforcement, the thickness of 2-3 cm hollow material. The weight of the material is lighter than that of the pure cement, but not as much as the former.

      application of GRC in the cast-in-situ concrete hollow floor in the application of GRC thin wall box in cast-in-situ concrete hollow floor in, can save the amount of concrete, reduce the weight of structure, reduce project cost, reduce the earthquake; but also can realize the large bay more convenient, to increase the use of space to ensure the use condition of net height next, can reduce the structural height, height limit for housing, can increase the floor. At the same time, the cast-in-place concrete hollow floor embedded with GRC thin-wall box is in line with the state advocated construction “ energy saving and land saving type ” building requirements and construction industry policy, which has good economic and social benefits.

2 the thin wall box is moved on the spot, and the nacelle and manual movement can be used. The thin-wall box can not be impacted during the moving process.
3 the concrete pump, pump should be set up in the construction of the sidewalk or beam, preventing a breakage.
4 in winter, when the temperature is low, in order to ensure the concrete is not damaged, the lower part of the scaffold must be set up in the construction of the superstructure.
The 5 distributing machine is arranged in the solid plate area of the core tube area, and the lower support reinforcement work is done.
The 6 case after the completion of the installation, erection construction road, the construction personnel are not allowed to trample or construction tools and materials will be placed in the box. >

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