Cooperation Policy
Cooperation demand:
Natural persons have the qualification or business units have a certain economic capacity, and have some business experience and management experience, with the development of the health industry to enthusiasm, has long-term cooperation and good business reputation, has the good interpersonal relationship circle.
Cooperation mode:
Total distribution mode:
        The development and management of regional distributors responsible for the local market of Pharaoh stone, laying the marketing network terminal cover the area, to the development of shops or regional open stores themselves (to be to the headquarters for the record), and is responsible for Pharaoh stone products in the area of distribution and management. Regional distribution will maximize the profit margins, timely distribution of products, and exclusive rights to sell Pharaoh stone products in the region. Coordinate and assist the management and training of the stores. To formulate a unified sales price and sales strategy. At the same time, the regional total distribution also need to complete a certain amount of marketing. To complete the quarterly sales quota, we will rebate on the basis of the original discount, the excess part will be re rebate.
Favorable conditions for cooperation:
  1 . On the basis of the unified retail price nationwide, the company pays directly with low discount.
  2 . Regional protection: in order to protect the interests of the partners, when signing the cooperation contract, we will stop accepting the cooperation application in the region.
  3 . Market support: the company sent to the new partners for system training and support, the regional manager will be tracking service for business cooperation.
  4 . Advertising copy support: print media advertising copywriting, product promotion activities of the manuscript.
  5 . Free consultation: the company provides free consultation to customers through e-mail and product hotline.
  6 . Awards: headquarters regularly selected outstanding performance partners, selected excellent partners to visit abroad, the cost borne by the headquarters. >

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