Advantages of UHPC
  • 1.Ultra-high durability:

    UHPC specially formulated to make material molecules arranged regularly, so that the product has the extremely low penetrability and high durability, even in freezing and thawing cycle, Marine environment, sulphur aluminate erosion, weak acid erosion and carbonization inferior under special conditions, also can prevent all kinds of harmful substances penetrate to the substrate.


  • 2.Ultra-high mechanical properties:

    UHPC has extremely high strength and good impact resistance, which can be used for the protective structure of national defense projects, as well as for special structures requiring high bearing capacity.


  • 3.Ultra-high performance:

    UHPC has excellent performance, which can resist external forces such as friction, fire, blasting, freezing-thawing, hail and the damage of natural environment, and has efficient waterproof performance. Meanwhile, it is also an efficient external insulating material.


  • 4.Unique decorative performance:

    UHPC can realize the dream of many designers and enrich the shape, color and texture of buildings.And the surface of UHPC products has a very high finish, and can prevent the invasion of external harmful media, maintain self-cleaning ability.




    UHPC's unique structure can solve environmental problems, reduce the cost of construction, mold, labor and maintenance, and improve the safety of construction site, construction speed and building life cycle. >

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