Product Introduction

FRP is made of reinforced fiber materials such as glass fiber and carbon fiber, and matrix 
materials such as unsaturated polyester and epoxy resin through winding, molding or 
pultruding and other forming processes. According to the different reinforcing materials, 
common fiber reinforced composites are divided into glass fiber reinforced composites (GFRP), 
carbon fiber reinforced composites (CFRP) and aramid fiber reinforced composites (AFRP).
Fiberglass reinforced composite material, also known as "glass reinforced plastic".

FRP is a kind of composite materials and has been used in aerospace,railway, decorative 
architecture, home furniture, building materials bathroom and other related industries because 
of its unique performance advantages. It has been highly praised, become the new era of the 
material industry business demand beloved. FRP products are much better than traditional ones 
in performance, use and life. Its easy modelling, can be customized, the characteristic that color 
mixes at will, be favored by businessman and seller, occupy bigger and bigger market score, 
foreground is broad! >

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