Advantages of GRG
  • 1. Infinite plasticity:

    The plasticity of arbitrary shapes of GRG products achieves the seamless connection of products for architectural modeling, which is the perfect realization of the designer's design dream. 


  • 2.Breathable, natural adjustment of indoor humidity:

    GRG plate is a kind of plate with a large number of microporous structure. In the natural environment, the porous body can absorb or release water. When the indoor temperature is high, humidity is small, the plate gradually release the moisture in the micro hole. When the temperature is low and humidity is high, it absorbs moisture from the air. 


  • 3. Light weight and high strength:

    The standard thickness of the plane part of GRG product is 3.2-8.8mm, and the weight per square meter is only 4.9-9.8kg, which can reduce the weight of the main building and component load. 


  • 4.Well acoustic effect:

    GRG material 4mm thick, through 500Hz 23d 100Hz 27db. Air dry specific gravity 1.75, in line with professional acoustic reflection requirements. After a good shape design, can form a good sound absorption structure, to achieve sound insulation, sound absorption. >

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