Advantages of GRC
  • 1.Thin wall and light body:

    GRC has a lower density than concrete, which can be made into thin-wall components. Wall thickness is generally about 15mm, the thinnest up to 5mm;Thin wall density is small, natural body light. GRC is 15mm thick and weighs only 30kg/m2.


  • 2. Random modeling:

    This is the main reason why GRC is favored by architects. GRC is made in molds, so it is lightweight and can present a variety of complex shapes. GRC can easily realize the artistic dream of architecture. Whether it's ancient Greece or Rome or gothic. Whether it's Islam or China's tang and song dynasties. Whether it's postmodernism or deconstruction. Whether linear or non-linear, GRC can easily implement these styles.



    3. Realistic texture:

    The surface texture of GRC is determined by the mold texture. GRC USES fine aggregates with fine particles, which can accurately and delicately represent different textures and textures. It can be as smooth as a mirror or as rough as a stone. Can be very realistic copy of the various texture effect, is the ideal simulation material.


  • 4.Energy saving and emission reduction:

    Compared with other wall enclosures, GRC can reduce energy consumption during manufacturing and installation. GRC panels reduce carbon emissions by 30% compared with reinforced concrete panels. >

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