Pharaoh Stone Advantage
  • 1. Superior performance:

    Anti-pollution, anti-corrosion-the latest surface treatment technology, anti-penetration, anti-acid and alkali;

    Freezing-thawing resistance, uv resistance-suitable for extreme climate changes, can be used outdoors.


  • 2. Wide application:

    Can achieve a large plate format, modeling supporting ability, high resistance, high wear resistance, both indoor and outdoor.


  • 3. Create a comfortable environment:

    Effectively discharge static electricity from daily environment. Special treatment technology can prevent bacterial breeding. Intelligent soft throwing technology, the surface of the micro - diffuse, encounter water bump forming micro-chuck anti-slip technology.


  • 4. Health and environmental protection:

    Customized design, unified style. Compatible with metal and cement. Anion health and environmental protection, no radiation, no toxic volatilization, no formaldehyde.


  • 5. Low cost:

    Low construction and maintenance costs only cement and other common binder. Up to A1 class fire prevention.


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