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FORM is an enterprise specialized in the design, research and development, production and construction of new building decoration materials such as UHPC, GFRC, FRP, TCP, GRG, Fair-faced Concrete Slab and Pharaoh Stone.

FORM has set up two production bases in China, one located in Guangdong province with a production area of 20,000 square meters and a supporting office building and exhibition hall, as well as a mold storage area of 5,000 square meters nearby. One is located in Jiangsu province with 12,000 square meters of workshop and 1,000 square meters of office space. And in the Middle East Isfahan has joined the factory. Set up R&D and sales company in Australia, responsible for R&D and overseas market expansion.


FORM has developed into a global leading UHPC and GRC R&D and production enterprise by conducting technical exchanges and R&D with South China University of Technology, City University of Hong Kong, University of California, Berkeley, PCI Association and other institutions. And it have solved the world's three major problems, alkali, color difference, large size cracking and other technical problems. Up to now, FORM leads the global industry.


In 2015, FORM completed the share reform by securities companies, lawyers and auditing institutions. FORM has served numerous clients at home and abroad to date, which include Apple, Huawei, Tencent, Nike, and the Saudi royal family. FORM has been recognized as a National High-tech Enterprise, Guangzhou Enterprise R&D Center, Guangdong New Materials Engineering Center, National UHPC High-tech Products, National GRG High-tech Products, National GRC High-tech Products and many other enterprise honors. There are seven invention patents and twenty utility model patents.

By the end of 2018, FORM has successfully developed a high-end standard decorative materials "Pharaoh Stone" product, which is the global pioneer. Following the footsteps of natural stone, we use 3D printing technology to restore the natural stone. Various texture patterns can be printed as you want as you wish, which also fully meet the designer's unrestrained pursuit of art. Can be used for indoor and outdoor curtain wall and floor, the Pharaoh Stone has become a natural carrier of culture and art.

FORM has always been trying to position itself since its inception, and never give up the original,"Master the core technology and shape the future of the industry".


  • The world's top mold CNC machining center;
  • 3D printing special - shaped production line;
  • Standard flat water production line;
Our advantage
  • Form, China's only import formula S-GRC&GRG production enterprise
    Material determines quality, and formula determines life. Our company has imported mature formula, S-GRC&GRG exclusive materials, mature process;
  • China is equipped with sophisticated equipment in the whole process, and it is the first in the field of science and technology
    The world's top mold CNC machining center; 3D printing special-shaped production line; standard flat flow production line;
  • S-GRC&GRG service specialist in China
    Has its own exclusive S-GRC&GRG design firm, including the domestic S-GRC&GRG industry design experienced designers, from the deepening of design, construction organization, rich experience is the guarantee of smooth construction. The quality of GRG&S-GRC material depends on the material, the length of life depends on the formula, the effect can be achieved, the installation decided half. Our company has many years of line construction experienced project management personnel.
  • China, the theater GRG authoritative experts, most of the International Theater, auditorium and other interior decoration materials suppliers
  • China, GRG enterprise standard drafting unit
FORM Advanced Process
  • Global top mold machining center:
    The mold production process to introduce the value of nearly 150 million international advanced CNC equipment, liquid solid plastic die mold processing center, can be used as the company's own needs, will be auto mold, mold the only yacht production supporting; will attract national car, boat, aircraft, submarines and other industry mold making reform, it will completely change the entire industry, 30 years of leading domestic technology, has brought the revolution of science and technology.
  • Global top semi autonomous research and development of 3D printing special-shaped production line:
    In the face of increasingly complex GRG and GRC modeling, 80 million CNC 3D printing technology and equipment have been developed, and automatic NC jet production has been developed. Can print 10 meters high floor buildings, yachts, cars, a variety of curved surface modeling GRG, GRC decorative board, plate and plate. Enough to lead the industry, greatly promote the productivity change.
  • The most mature automation flat production line in china:
    Automatic flat panel production line is mainly aimed at flat panel products. After the completion of the production line, the daily output can reach 5000 square meters, and can develop standard products, so that S-GRC materials into a mature and convenient decorative materials, services to more decorative engineering.
  • FORM development strategy
    Control the core competitiveness, leading the future of the industry
  • FORM pricing strategy
    Quality and service must be better than peers, the price is lower than peers.

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